The depth of the wood profile is 68mm. The aluminium, outer part of the window protects the inner, wood frame from weather conditions. Inside the building, we can enjoy nice and warm wood frames.

  • Aluminium covers from the outside of the window.
    Excellent protection from weather conditions and mechanical damage.
  • Triple glazing unit.
    Double-chamber glazing provides thermal insulation Ug = from 0.5 W/m2k. Inter-pane space filled with argon.
  • Perfect seal.
    DEVENTER seals ensure perfect window tightness, protecting from wind, rain and noise.
  • Undercut for an external windowsill.
    Facilitates the installation of a windowsill, enables efficient drainage of water.

  • Solid wood.
    Applied species: PINE, MERANTI, OAK, SPRUCE.
  • Four varnish coatings.
    Perfect protection of wood visible from the inside of the window.
  • Silicone protection from the inside.
    Guarantees tightness, additionally stabilizes the structure.
  • Undercut for an internal windowsill.
    Facilitates easy installation of a windowsill at the correct distance from a leaf.

The most important technical parameters of the SILBER window

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Available shapes of aluminium profiles

Wariant Quadrat

Wariant Retro

Wariant Quadrat FB

Wariant Classic

Wariant Softline

Wariant Linear

Wariant Thermo Classic

Wariant Integral


Aluminium elements of the window are placed outside and protect the wood from the effects of the sun, water or mechanical damage. The window frame is constructed with three layers of properly prepared wood. Each layer is adhesived with another one in such a way that their grains are arranged alternately. Therefore, the construction material is very resistant to warping, twisting and mechanical deformation. By using aluminium covers, we already install triple glazed inserts with this profile, which significantly increases thermal insulation of the window. Good acoustics of such a construction is also of great importance.



For the production of windows, we use only high-quality wood selected from European and exotic trees.

Pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Adhesived in layers with waterproof adhesive in accordance with DIN EN 204 D4. Pine is characterized by one of the best thermal insulation parameters.
Meranti (Shorea spp)
Adhesived in layers with waterproof adhesive in accordance with DIN EN 204 D4.
Oak (Quercus)
Adhesived in three layers with waterproof adhesive in accordance with DIN EN 204 D4.
Spruce (Picea)
Adhesived in three layers with waterproof adhesive in accordance with DIN EN 204 D4.

The outer layer of aluminium can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette and various gloss levels. Even imitations of wood structures are available. This allows us to adjust the appearance of windows to the building type and the façade colour.

Wood can be dyed in many colours and hues while maintaining visible grain and natural appearance of this precious material. At the request of the customer, we paint opaque, ensuring the desired effect for interior design or façade appearance. The possibility of using different colours from the inside and outside allows for a perfect integration of the woodwork into the interior and exterior of a house.

Elements are covered with the highest quality Teknos GORI varnishes in 4-layer technology. Each layer has a specific function, e.g. closing wood pores, reducing discolouration, ensuring proper adhesion of layers, as well as mechanical and chemical resistance. This creates windows looking like new for years.

PINE with visible wood grain
MERANTI with visible wood grain

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OAK with visible wood grain  

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Any covering colours from the RAL and NCS palettes for use on all types of wood


Standard package
Double-chamber thermal insulation set
Anti-burglar package
Double-chamber set of P4 class
Acoustic package
Double-chamber soundproof set
pakiet_standardowy pakiet_antywlamaniowy pakiet_akustyczny

P4 anti-burglary panes are made of two glass panes and four layers of PVB film, which is usually 0.38 mm thick and is made of polyvinyl butyral. This type of synthetic resin is characterized by high durability and transparency, which means that while providing the glass with impact resistance it does not deteriorate the optical parameters of the glazing.

To show the degree of strength offered by P4 glazing, it is necessary to refer to the carried-out tests to assure this class: during laboratory tests, the glazing must withstand a triple impact of a ball weighing 4.11 kg dropped from a height of 9 m. In practice, this means that it will not be possible to break it even with a few-kilogram hammer. Provided P4 proves that the panes make it difficult to break in and can replace 150 mm mesh grates made of steel wire with a diameter of 10 mm.


P4 glazing is more expensive than e.g. P2 safety glazing due to its construction. However, lower class provides only protection from injury in the event of a breakage and is at most a temporary barrier in the event of an intrusion attempt without preparation.

In addition, windows and doors equipped with P4 glazing can reduce the insurance premium because many insurance companies consider them to be sufficient anti-burglary protection and offer a discount of premium up to 10% after installation. So this means that the one-time cost incurred when installing windows and doors can be quickly refunded after reporting this fact to the insurer.

In order for P4 panes to fulfil their role well, the security should be supplemented with anti-burglary fittings, which will guarantee calmness, confidentiality and allow for lowering insurance premiums.


If you live in a noisy city, it is worth investing in noise protection. Sound-absorbing panes in the windows are one of the methods to deal with the noise of streets, the sounds of moving trains, cars, airplanes, playing children, etc.

The acoustic properties of the window, its ability to suppress noise, significantly impact on the formation of proper, comfortable conditions for people staying in buildings. The selection of appropriate glazing is an important element to improve the sound insulation of the window. The weighted sound insulation index, Rw, is the weighted insulation indicator of insulated glasses.

This effect can be achieved using several methods:
– using at least one glass pane with a high surface weight (e.g. 6 mm or thicker glass) – in general, the greater the total thickness of the insulated glass is, the better the sound insulation is,
– using panes with different elasticity – the attenuating properties of adhesived (safety) glass are used,
– varied glass thickness; damping is improved when both sheets differ by at least 50% in thickness (e.g. 4 mm float glass + 6 mm float glass).


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The highest quality fittings hide under the beauty of nature. They ensure unchanging and comfortable operation of the mechanisms for years. Such fittings cause the use of the window comfortable even with large opening surfaces. Windows are bought for decades; therefore, special attention should be paid to the performance quality and the technical solutions used in them. The windows are not only to look beautiful, but also provide security and consistently comfortable operation. In our windows, we install the highest-class fittings of the German company, Siegenia.


Hidden fitting.

It is also possible to use invisible (internal) fittings. In this case, the key metal elements (including hinges) are hidden inside the frame and are not visible when the window is closed.

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Windows are tilted differently in summer and winter.

As one of the few producers, we offer windows with an innovative solution, i.e. a variable window tilting angle. This allows to change the standard tilting angle to a smaller “winter” one with a simple movement, thus reducing energy costs.










Safety first.

In addition to the anti-burglar panes, at request, we use anti-theft fittings of RC1 and RC2 class that make breaking in as difficult as possible in order to provide the maximum level of security for you and your family.







Window handles.

A beautiful door handle is like jewellery for a window. However, in addition to aesthetic values, it must be reliable, durable and safe above all. For this reason, we use door handles from the German producer, Hoppe, with the Sesustic® system and exclusive door handles from the Portuguese company, Tupai. hoppe_tupai


We want to provide comprehensive service; therefore, we offer external windowsills of the Aluron company. These are pressed aluminium windowsills with aluminium thickness of 2 mm (this is currently the thickest aluminium windowsill available on the market). Windowsills are available in the Classic system, distinguished by modern angular shapes and Soft line with classic rounded shapes.

The products of Aluron are subject to an anodizing process consisting in refining the aluminium surface by electrolytic production of protective oxides on it. As a result, the drip caps obtain very high corrosion resistance, while significantly increasing the mechanical resistance. Anodized profiles are available in the following colours: silver, olive, brown and gold. We offer drip caps in RAL colours for windows painted with opaque colours.


Classic                                                                                          Soft line


Cross-sections of wood GERLEJ windows to be downloaded:





GERLEJ windows and doors are proven products and enjoy great trust among our customers. We want them to serve you for years. Attractive guarantee conditions offered by us confirm these declarations.

We provide:

  • 5-year guarantee for window construction
  • 5-year guarantee for insulated glass
  • 5-year guarantee for functioning of SIEGENIA fittings
  • 2-year guarantee for sliding and tilt and slide balcony windows
  • 2-year guarantee for blinds and electrical and electronic devices

If the window is not subject to the influence of non-standard factors, e.g. significant mechanical damage, and if it is properly maintained, it will not lose its structural properties for at least several dozen years.
If you are concerned about the durability of varnish coatings on wood windows, let our guarantee conditions for these elements calm you down.

  • 3-year guarantee for varnish coating of azure paints
  • 3-year guarantee for varnish coating of opaque paints



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