We produce custom-made wooden external doors according to your individual projects. For this reason, each one is unique and personalized. You will find a wide selection of ready-made designs. However, we are not limited to our catalogue. If you have your own idea for a door, photo or drawing, come to us, we will implement it together.

  • Available in all offered thicknesses: 68mm, 72mm and 92 mm.
  • They are available in both wooden and wood-aluminium versions.
  • The most modern technological solutions enable high comfort of use.
  • Fittings from renowned manufacturers, SIEGENIA KFV locks and SIMONSWERK hinges guarantee reliability.


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Wooden doors can be supplemented with aluminium protection from the outside. Such doors still gain maximum resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Modern methods of aluminium processing allow great freedom in forming shapes. For this reason, we can produce doors based on your individual ideas, freely combining even several different aluminium décors, glass and stainless-steel inserts. We offer wide choice of colours included in the RAL palette, dedicated wood-like templates and a number of metallic and matt colours.


With modern wooden designs, we can match the colours to the façade of the building or garage door. We have the entire range of RAL colours and azure colours available. Additional wood connections with stainless steel inserts and glass can be freely modified.


 drewniane stylowe 01

Each door is an individual implementation, matched to the given building and customer wishes. An additional decoration of the door can also involve individually designed decorative elements – cutters, coffers, strips or steel or aluminium inserts, glass packages and stained glass. In addition to decorative qualities, the door should be safe and reliable above all. Therefore, in addition to carefully selected materials, our doors are equipped with solid fittings, locks with excellent parameters as well as quiet and reliable hinges.

Reliable and secure locks.

Top-class locks provide not only comfortable and quiet closing of the door, but also such important aspects as security and guarantee of proper functioning. That is why, we use locks from a reputable producer, i.e. KFV, in our doors.

pobrany plik
We offer many types of strip locks, from four-point and six-point equipped with anti-burglary hooks and bolts, through automatic as well as anti-panic locks, and ending with electric self-locking Keyless, opened with a fingerprint reader, digital code or phone application. All locks applied by us have the C class anti-burglary mechanism, which, in combination with high-class patent inserts as well as signboards and handles, guarantee the highest level of security.

On request, we provide the door with reed switches that connect to the alarm system or other intelligent home system. In addition, the renowned electric strikes by the eff eff brand.


We equip our doors with hinges from a leading producer, i.e. SIMONSWERK. They guarantee reliability, quiet operation and particularly good adjustment in any position of the leaves weighing up to 250 kg. It is also possible to use Tectus® hidden hinges.


Door handles and grips.

A beautiful door handle or a well-chosen grip is like jewellery for a door. However, in addition to aesthetic values, it must be reliable, durable and safe above all. Therefore, we offer door handles and grips from the German producer, i.e. Hoppe, as well as exclusive door handles from the Portuguese company, Tupai.

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Załakowo 80
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NIP 5891595580


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