The door only appears similar. In addition to what we see from the outside, other features are also important, such as quality of workmanship, durability, the type of materials they are made of, sound insulation or anti-burglary that will ensure safety for you and your family. So if you want them to serve you for years, make a thoughtful and good decision.

Our doors are characterized by full individualisation. Each piece is made for a selected customer on a specific order and to the exact size. Due to the fact that we do not offer serial production, we are able to implement your idea for doors, often far beyond the door models available in our catalogue.


Finishing the door with transparent varnish emphasizes the natural wood grain, which is unique, like a snowflake arrangement. By emphasizing the creation of the nature, we bring out the true beauty of wood.

We use varnish based on nanotechnology with increased resistance to scratches and humidity. The same varnish is used for finishing stairs, which clearly demonstrates its resistance.


Staining wood to a chosen colour using stain is an old method of decorating wood that is still valid today.

We offer over 100 shades of wood colouring of precious species such as oak or beech. For this reason, you can match your door to any interior. The doors are finally covered with transparent varnish twice, so you can be calm about their resistance.


The door can be painted in any colour you wish (according to RAL or NCS). Painted doors available in a wide range of designs and colours will make the interior of your apartment original, whether you get carried away by fashionable trends or create your own style.

Another important aspect is the degree of gloss of the door, you can choose any colour in deep mat, timeless semi-gloss or extravagant high gloss.


The oil refines wood, emphasizing and visualizing the natural grain system even more than transparent varnish.

Wood oils are also an ecological alternative to varnishes. Furthermore, oils protect wood against UV radiation and microorganisms. They are almost odourless and environmentally friendly. The oily surface does not flake, but has anti-static properties – it attracts less dust and does not electrify. Oiled wood is very pleasant to touch and fits perfectly in the interiors.

We only use oils from the leading producer, i.e. OSMO. In addition, oils are used by us to finish stairs, which clearly confirms their resistance to scratches and variable humidity.


Patination is a special technique for ageing wood.

Over the years, wood acquires a completely new, often more noble, character than before. Its charm becomes totally unique. Today’s painting techniques allow this original effect to be obtained directly on new doors.

Although we get the effect of old wood or old paint, we cannot forget about the functionality and resistance of our doors. Having finished the patination process, the doors are covered with a layer of matt transparent varnish, which, although invisible, effectively protected the door.




Rebated connections of the door leaf and the frame

The rebated door has special vertical cut-outs on the edges of the leaves (felt, notch), increasing the contact surface with the frame. They show a characteristic fault of the closed leaf and frame. We use SFS INTEC hinges in silver or gold for the rebated doors. The door opening angle is up to 180 degrees.




Non-rebated door leaf connections with the door frame

The non-rebated doors have a completely straight edge, without a notch. The leaf forms a uniform plane, it is fully flush with the frame. In the non-rebated leaves, we use SIMONSWER TECTUS covered hinges. Having closed the door, the hinge is completely invisible. The door opening angle is up to 180 degrees.

Połączenie bezfelcowe otwarte



The best locks ensure not only comfortable and quiet closing of the door, but also such important aspects as security and guarantee of proper functioning. In GERLEJ doors we use locks from reputable producers, and we provide a lifetime warranty to their operation.


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Two types of glass are assembled in the GERLEJ partially glazed doors:

– Safety glass with colourless or matt foil. These panes are made of two panes of glass between which there is a layer of PVB foil. Thanks to this, even if you try to break it, the glass will behave identically to the windshield – it will not fall apart, so the risk of injury from such glass is exceptionally low.

– Tempered glass. The strength of tempered glass is up to 5 times higher than standard glass, when broken it breaks into small pieces with rough edges, which also minimizes the risk of injury. In the door, we use transparent or sandblasted tempered glass, panes painted in the selected colour from the RAL/NCS palette and ornamental panes.



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Załakowo 80
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NIP 5891595580


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