The collection of cargo baskets from the Italian producer, Inoxa Industrie, is a perfect combination of usability and functionality of kitchen furniture with an attractive, sophisticated design. Inox products are made of high-quality steel, aluminium and plastics with extremely high strength and performance parameters. All Inox cargo baskets delight with the quality of extension and the integrated braking system.


The proposed series of Cargo Ellite baskets confirms that appearance is important. The unique oval shape of the wire and the used full-baskets underline the character of each piece of furniture. Solid guides allow for quiet, gentle closing. Full extension of the cargo will ensure quick and easy access to stored products.


Small dimension – great convenience. Use the entire depth of the bottom cabinets. The cargo systems allow the contents of the cabinet to be pulled out which ensures easy access to stored products. You gain space for loose food, bottles and cleaning products.

BLUM guides ensure smooth and gentle movement even under heavy loads. In addition, the brake built into the guides allows silent closing.


The kitchen is the most important room, which is why we use every corner of it. Corner cabinets are the most difficult parts of kitchen furniture to develop. INOXA solutions allow maximum use of their space, so that you do not have to change many other kitchen utensils in search of a pot, lid or bowl.


The functional kitchen consists of details, and every detail plays an especially important role in the subsequent use of the kitchen. If you are a supporter of traditional solutions such as a dish drainer, we will make sure that it matches with the rest of your kitchen equipment.

pinezkaZałakowo 80
83-342 Kamienica  Królewska
NIP 5891595580

Załakowo 80
83-342 Kamienica  Królewska
NIP 5891595580


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