Kitchen means not only the external beauty of our furniture, but also the systems hidden in them. High-class drawers, hinges or lifts for the upper fronts, all this makes the GERLEJ kitchens not only beautiful, but above all functional and comfortable. Our furniture is used for decades; therefore we focus only on the highest quality fittings supplied by BLUM – a leading furniture fittings producer in the world.

to the front over the body

The AVENTOS HL lift is perfect for medium and high wall cabinets and built-in cabinets, above which there are other fronts. In addition, it provides unlimited access to the interior of the cabinet. The international jury repeatedly awarded AVENTOS HL for design.

for the tilt and fold front

The AVENTOS HF lift is designed for tall, large, two-part fronts. This solution offers a wide variety of planning and design while always providing direct access to the interior of the cabinet, comfort of use and freedom of movement of the kitchen user.

for the swinging front

This lift has already gained international recognition. Users appreciate AVENTOS HK as a comfortable and convenient solution for medium-sized top cabinets. It does not require a lot of space, also in the case of built-in solutions, e.g. above the fridge.

LEGRABOX drawers – a new dimension of elegance!

A simple, minimalist design combined with high quality materials defines the appearance of LEGRABOX. The side walls are straight
outside and inside, and their thickness is only 12.8 mm. All elements are perfectly matched to each other
forming a harmonious whole.

LEGRABOX appears in a completely new colour. Standard drawers or internal drawers, high front drawers or high internal drawers – LEGRABOX has a lot of applications and makes a good impression in any room.


TANDEMBOX ANTARO, a proven steel drawer system, offers a variety of design and colour options.

Antaro represents clear, rectangular shape, in the form of a drawer with railing or a high drawer with decorative elements. All components are matched in terms of colour, thus emphasize the purist design of the product.

Additional equipment of drawers

The AMBIA-LINE internal organization system is characterized by a simple, minimalistic design and comprehensive application possibilities. The universally positioned frames are matched to the LEGRABOX drawer system and promise perfect order in terms of form to any living room.


SERVO-DRIVE is the Blum electric opening support system. It allows opening to be surprisingly easy: just lightly press the front of the drawer or upper cabinet to open it. BLUMOTION cares for soft and quiet closing.

Who does not know this? You would like to throw the leftover food into the bin, but with your hands engaged it is difficult to open the drawer. The solution is SERVO-DRIVE uno: a short press on the front surface with your hip, knee or even a foot is enough for the drawer to open automatically. The front stays clean, and everything goes where it should.


Comfortable access and large storage space.

The SPACE TOWER cargo cabinet impresses with easy access to stored products, offers plenty of storage space and can be matched to individual customer needs.

Uncompromising hinges. The secret is inside!

CLIP top BLUMOTION combines innovative technology, design globally distinguished and comfort of movement in the smallest space, because the “BLUMOTION” door silent closing system is already integrated in the hinge cup. For this reason, each door moves elegantly, gently and quietly. If necessary, BLUMOTION can be deactivated in one simple move!

pinezkaZałakowo 80
83-342 Kamienica  Królewska
NIP 5891595580

Załakowo 80
83-342 Kamienica  Królewska
NIP 5891595580


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