In addition to the production of its own beds, GERLEJ is the official partner and distributor of mattresses and continental beds of the RELAX Mattress Factory, belonging to the Fey&Co Schlafcomfort Group, one of the largest, strongest and most reliable mattress producers in Europe.

We have our own sleep studio where you can test selected mattress and pillow models.

Which mattress to select?

Thermoelastic mattresses – a unique type of mattress that is laid not only under the pressure of the body, but also reacts to its temperature.

  • Exclusive and luxury mattresses, with a royally equipped Dynamic Platinum mattress.


  • They have great rehabilitation properties and are most often selected by people with back problems.


  • Mattresses of this type in cold rooms seem hard, but under the influence of heat emitted by the body they soften and adapt to the body extremely accurately.


  • Also known as mattresses with memory, because after getting up from the mattress, a body imprint remains on it for a moment.

Dynamic Platinum

Dynamic Platinum Insert

Highly flexible mattresses – extremely popular in Western Europe, even less known in Poland.

  • They are characterized by excellent point flexibility. However, they have a certain advantage, which causes the fact that these mattresses are often selected for the elderly: they are light. They are relatively easy to be turned or moved.


  • Perfect mattresses for people looking for optimal support, above average comfort at an affordable price.


  • Due to the 3D cut system, the insert supports air circulation and moisture transport. Highly elastic mattresses are suitable for both sides and for adjustable frames.

Active Gold

Active Gold insert

Pocket spring mattresses – a traditional type of mattress.

  • Within this group of mattresses you will find both classic models (e.g. Basic Silver mattress) and very technologically advanced ones.


  • Such models as Multi Gold with a contribution of 1000 springs. A large number of springs provides increased strength, precise adjustment to the shape of spine and healthy sleep.

Smart Silver

Smart Silver insert

pinezkaZałakowo 80
83-342 Kamienica  Królewska
NIP 5891595580

Załakowo 80
83-342 Kamienica  Królewska
NIP 5891595580


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